Doğalgaz Bacaları

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Doğalgaz Bacaları


*High quality single wall stainless steel chimneys is used for relining of the existing brick chimneys or as a connection between boiler and chimney.
*The pipes may not be required to be isolated if built within the shaft.
The systems are built inside the shaft and used for solid, liquid, and gas fuel release.
Kapella chimneys are manufactured to meet top quality standards with continuous TIG/WIG welding and laser cutting. The precise and easy pipe to pipe fit is a result of the use of latest technology plug-in system.
Complies with EN1856 Parts 1 and 2.
CE approved
Tested to 400 Degrees C
T400 N1 Vm L50150 G


Kapella double wall chimney systems are designed for exterior appliances.
AISI 316L stainless steel high quality inner liner is constructed in the range of 0,50 mm to 300 mm thickness.
30 mm thick 80kg/m3 or 50mm rock wool isolation.
AISI 316L stainless steel high quality outer liner is constructed in the range of 0,50 mm to 300 mm thickness.
The the thickness of the production of inner liner ranges from 100mm to 1200mm.


The cascade system is constituted of multiple condensing boilers-up to 9- in order toincrease efficiency. The chimneys of such connected boilers are called cascade system.
A number of boilers are connected to a vertical chimney through a collector to expel flue gas to atmosphere. In the cascade systems, the positive pressure requires a gasket and tested at 200 pa.