Manufacturer of Centrifugal Fans

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Manufacturer of Centrifugal Fans

Features: 350 m³ / h
Product code: 120 - 60
It is produced in the range of 350 m³ / h to 750 m³ / h.
Sheet-bodied snail fan series fans save space for a wide variety of ventilation and cooling applications thanks to their compact structure.
Material: Electrostatic powder painted sheet body, the propeller is frequently winged & forward curved and made of galvanized sheet.
Speed ​​control can be provided with an optional speed controller.
Usage Areas: Especially in industrial and commercial areas; In general, they offer excellent solutions in local cooling applications and heating systems. Machine cooling, solid fuel boilers, yacht air conditioners, dc motor cooling, plastic machines, socks machines, cooling of electrical panels, laboratories, residences and commercial spaces, etc. they can be used.


Specifications: 1500 m³ / h - 400 Pa
Product code: OMG AB 150
It is manufactured between 1500 m³ / h and 14000 m³ / h.

Electrostatic painted sheet body

Single entry

Front curved wings

• Number of wings 12

Suction direction right and left

• For clean and dusty air transport.

• In furniture and polish workshops.

• In industrial kitchen ventilation.

• Ventilation installation etc. used in places.